Reviews of Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba’s Routes, produced by Jonathan Henderson

“As a band leader, Diali Cissokho has a commanding voice, and excellent kora skills; he is clearly a great composer with a visionary approach to the integration of other genres with his Senegalese roots. This album is up there with the groundbreaking recordings of Thione Seck, Baaba Maal and Youssou N’Dour.”   — Songlines Magazine

‘Routes’ is “a genuinely and often beautifully syncretic evocation of a double identity that would be hard to match and impossible to duplicate.”  –Robert Christgau for Vice:

‘Routes’ is “in its essence Senegalese but with a universality that translates beautifully across cultures.” — Afropop Worldwide:

“‘Routes’ is the perfect showcase for Kaira Ba’s unique fusion of Senegalese and American musical traditions, as well as a demonstration of cross-cultural collaboration and mutual respect between band members who welcomed an immigrant to their community.” — Black Grooves:

‘Routes’ by Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba is not just some clever experiment, it is an album of incredible music. Despite being a really wonderful example of cultural cross pollination, in the end you forget about all that and simply enjoy the sound of what they have created. From the heart-stopping drum and flute introduction to the album’s closing song, “Night in M’Bour” to the simple beauty of “Saya”, the album is full of magical moments. Listening to it is a joy from start to finish.” — Qantara: